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5 Reasons Why Art is the Ultimate Gift

1. It is entirely one of a kind: 

Hand made gifts that are made specifically for your recipient are one of kind. 
This is a priceless gift in itself.

Dark art wolf fantasy gothic animal portrait Wiccan Wicca artist north Wales Conwy


2.  A gift of art is a bespoke gift for a birthday or anniversary:

It can show how much someone cares for you when someone goes to the trouble to bring a piece of art into existence, just for them.
Commissioning a piece for someone demonstrates thought and love; it is personal and entirely theirs.


Wolf raven skull dark art Duchess of dark 


3.  Art work is sentimental:

Many of my commissioned works are memorial portraits of beloved pets. 

They are often fan arts or special memories put to paper. They become heirlooms to be passed along through through generations.

Cat pet portrait ink art commission


4. Art in your home brings joy:

Walking into the room and seeing the art work brings a sense of joy, a smile to your face and can lift the mood of your space. A home with art creates talking points and conversations.  It becomes a friend to sit and look into, or keeps a memory or passion alive.


Lion Buddha quote control your mind big cat art work


5. Art instills a sense of awe:

Ethan Kross, a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan has researched awe’s effect on mental health. He knows feelings of awe can have a truly profound influence on the mind – enhancing our memory and creativity as well as inspiring us to act more altruistically to the people around us. It can also have a profound impact on our mental health, by allowing us to put our anxieties into perspective. 
(BBC article, 6th January 2022).


Lions don’t loose sleep over the opinions of sheep ink artwork


Why not gift your loved ones an Art Voucher for a special occasion, or book a commission slot for me to create for you?

By giving an Art Voucher to that special soul in your life, you give them the opportunity to finally get that bespoke art work they’ve been wanting created, just for them.  Do they want a treasured pet drawn up, or a tattoo design making? 
I am very diverse and work in a range of styles and mediums.  

I can create something unique to you or them.

Click on the ‘send commission email’ link to get in touch.  Describe your ideas and we’ll get planning.  I often have a waiting list of several months.  In 2023, I am booked until the end of February - so reach out in good time.
I can make time allowances for special circumstances.

I can’t work to hear from you. 

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  • Sue Woodhouse

    So pleased with the fabulous pieces you have created for me, they are outstanding, you have completely captured the soul of each one.
    You are amazing and I feel privileged to enjoy looking at mine every day.

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